Citizen Science Event (for social scientists) in May

Following a superb meeting on citizen science last week – here are a couple of events you might be interested in…

British Ecological Society Citizen Science special interest group’s events in May

The two events are quite different in structure and purpose – but both linked to citizen science (obviously!). Feel free to come along to one, or both. Registration for BES members is £30 for event 1 (training day) and £10 for event 2 (workshop) and includes lunch (what a bargain – thanks to the BES for support enabling us to keep costs down). Fees are slightly higher for non-members. Both events are at Charles Darwin House in London (15 mins walk from Kings Cross Station).

Event 1. Monday 11th May 2015. A training event for citizen science: What you need to know, but no one told you!


Event 2. Tuesday 12th May 2015. Understanding Participants Interactive Workshop.

For the workshop (event 2) we welcome contributions from participants:

As citizen science becomes an increasingly used and accepted method within the natural sciences, there has been much discussion around the scientific and data dimensions of citizen science. However, the socio-personal dynamics of participation in citizen science have remained largely unexplored. This workshop will showcase experiences from researchers and practitioners involved in citizen science projects. We would like to invite contributions from researchers working in this area.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Narratives of participation and engagement
  • Cultures of amateur natural history, traditional expert amateur groups
  • Age, gender and ethnicity in citizen science – overused and underused communities
  • Temporalities and spatialities of citizen science participation
  • Methodologies and techniques both for looking at (i) citizen science socio-dynamics and (ii) the impacts of citizen science methodologies and techniques themselves
  • Curiosity, creativity and emotion.

Please send a 150 word summary of your potential contribution to both and by Friday 20th March. The organisers will determine the final format of the event based on these contributions and will respond by Friday 27th March.

More details on both events and booking details are at:

Feel free to pass the details round to anyone who might be interested. Space is limited so if you are really keen to come then make sure you book early!

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