Ecosystem Services

Well, the members of Crit-Geog-Forum have come up trumps again! Thanks to all who contributed. Please comment below if you’d like to add a reference. This interest in ecosystem services emerged from a series of conversations with nature conservationists working for the National Trust and Natural England in Cornwall during a research project about climate change and landscape. In particular it is in response to a shift in lexicon (or perhaps more than lexicon) from climate change mitigation and adaptation to an ecosystem services approach – which as it stands currently requires the development of a common language to identify the myriad ways in which people ‘value’ nature. More work to be done here…

Here are the papers suggested by forum members and a few more I found (I’ve not included those referenced by these papers – we’d be here all day!):

  • Special Issue in Progress in Physical Geography:
  • Baldwin, A. (2009) Carbon nullius and racial rule: race, nature and the cultural politics of forest carbon in Canada. Antipode 41:231-255.
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Please also see the following on Payment for Ecosystem Services: Names of people working in the area (specifically PES): Philippe Descheneau, Matthew Paterson, Erik Swyngedouw, Esteve Corbera, Nicholas Kosoy, Karen Bakker and Gavin Bridge. There was a special issue in Antipode in late 2011 on the new carbon economy as well as a few PES special issues in Ecological Economics (also many contributions from geographers).]

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