Risk Literature

By popular demand I have listed below the references I gathered from a recent call for help on risk. Thanks to all those who contributed. I make no apologies for the format – copy and paste job, I’m afraid. Enjoy! PS in the spirit of reciprocity – please do leave further references as comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Risk Literature

  1. Eriksen, C. and N. Gill (2010) “Bushfire and Everyday Life: Examining the Awareness-Action ‘Gap’ in Changing Rural Landscapes.” Geoforum 41(5): 814-825.

    Eriksen, C., N. Gill, and L. Head (2010) “The Gendered Dimensions of Bushfire in Changing Rural Landscapes in Australia.” Journal of Rural Studies 26(4): 332-342.

  2. A few years ago, I wrote a short article called “Defining Risk” from a flood risk reduction perspective. See http://www.ilankelman.org/abstracts/kelman2003frn.pdf

    Apologies for the puns at the beginning, plus note that, in the equations, the multiplication signs became apostrophes. Additionally, the literature that I draw on is obviously focused on the flood topic. There is, of course, decades of other perspectives on risk from many other viewpoints.

    Nonetheless, I hope that the article stimulates debate amongst a non-specialist audience, which was its main point. But it could easily be updated or emulated with references and notions from the many, much wider risk perspectives and definitions that exist.

    With best wishes,


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