5 signs you might be addicted to academia

I completed my lecture-based teaching last term so I could throw myself into reading, writing, re-drafting this term. My name is Hilary and I think I’m addicted to academia. I was eating, drinking and sleeping ideas, references and cross-disciplinary inspiration. I’ve identified 5 signs you might be addicted to academia:

1. You wake up and you head straight to your computer. Saturdays and Sundays too. You love it!

2. Your tea, porridge, soup, toasted sandwich, coffee…all go cold while you sit at your computer typing. Darnit!

3. You check your emails but you say “I’m in the zone, I can’t possibly be distracted and answer that”. You’ve become one of those people who fails to reply.

4. You work from home with the occasional trip to the library, saying to yourself: “there are some great books in here, I need to make more time to read”. You take books out and actually read them.

5. You finally make it into work. You tell people what you’ve been up to. In the common room, you share stories of being excited and inspired by new ideas. Colleagues know exactly how you feel.

Yep, Academia is Addictive.

2 thoughts on “5 signs you might be addicted to academia

    • I daren’t comment. I wonder how people would feel about being an enthusiast? Often regarded as a pejorative term, related to dilletantes and amateurs. Thanks for the comment!

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