My week as a lecturer #12… a recipe for Rocky Road

In a change to the usual schedule I’d like to share with you a recipe for a Great Geography Bake Off and some awesome rocky road. Monday was the Great Geography Bake Off as part of the final class on my Human Geography Principles and Practice module. I began the session with some collective essay feedback, followed by peer-marking essays and then we commenced the cake eating. There were two entries for the bake off – one victoria sponge:

"The Globe - by the girls at the back who are too shy to bring the cake to the front"

“The Globe – by the girls at the back who are too shy to bring the cake to the front”

and the other a marble cake:

'Place is home by Yi-Fu Tuan' by Emma Chester **WINNER**

‘Place is home by Yi-Fu Tuan’ by Emma C **WINNER**

Ramsden offers a list of what makes ‘good’ teaching, at the top is “a desire to share your love of the subject with students” (2003: 86). The bake off offers another avenue to share this. This year I made ‘Beyond the Rocky Road: from A-level to degree-level geography’:

@DrHG's Rocky Road

@DrHG’s Rocky Road

Here is the recipe…

1. Melt 300g of mixed milk/dark chocolate with 175g of butter and 4 tablespoons of golden syrup.

Step 1 - melting

Step 1 – melting

2. Once melted add 200g mixture of smashed ginger biscuits and digestives, 150g of smashed brazil nuts (shells off), 150g of whole glace cherries, 125g of mini marshmallows. Stir until all coated.

Yummy ingredients

Step 2 – add yummy ingredients








3. Pour mixture into a glass lasagne dish and put in the fridge for several hours. Once solid, tip out and cut into 4 columns with 6 bites per column.

4. Arrange on plate and dust with icing sugar.

5. Serve to hungry students during 9am lecture.

Step 5 - watch this happen...devoured!

Step 5 – watch this happen…devoured!


One thought on “My week as a lecturer #12… a recipe for Rocky Road

  1. So you can have your cake & eat it too.
    I always ended term with cake & other food, & I had ‘Biscuit Fridays’ in the term as well.
    Eat well, learn better was my thinking-its true!
    Happy Holidays to you.

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