My week as a lecturer #11…making time for each other

In the spirit of the season, this post is about how great it is when we make time for each other. Volunteering an hour to help colleagues, advise, discuss, celebrate… It can change someone’s day and ideas. Sometimes – being a lecturer is about this.

Monday – a 9am lecture about my research. Followed by an hour of group discussions with 3rd year students about their dissertations. 6 3rd years devoted an hour to offer advice to my 1st years about research but also being a student. Delighted with the response.

Tuesday – student meeting. Making time for students – surely one of the most important and best things about being a lecturer?

Wednesday – selected internally as the University’s applicant for a grant. Our grants officer found an hour to talk me through the process. Deadline early Feb! Eek.

Thursday – a rare discussion with our Head of School about my research. Only an hour of her time – but worth so much more to how I feel about my work. An opportunity to talk about ideas beyond our monthly hour on Athena SWAN.

Friday – a trip to Oxfordshire to meet my project partners and come up with some MSc projects to supervise next year. 4 hours away from the office with non-academic colleagues who re-inspire my research efforts.

Almost the holidays…here’s a snap from my colleague’s office. Handy use of lab stand thingy. She bought me a hot chocolate on Wednesday. Thank you. IMG_4039.JPG

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