My week as a lecturer #10…in photos

It’s going to have to be photos this week. I’ve used up all of my words. 2 lectures, 2 interviews, 4k words written and 1 department seminar.IMG_3993.JPGMonday was a chilly start as I walked onto campus for my 9am. But brightened for a morning of walking around campus as though you are Doreen Massey, Tim Cresswell, Yi-Fu Tuan or DrHG if you’re feeling enthusiastic. IMG_4005.JPG Tuesday was another early start for a day at the Woodland Trust to interview Kate and Helen, my colleagues leading on Observatree (a tree health early-warning system) for the Trust – managing volunteers. IMG_3992.JPG Wednesday was working from home. Slippers mandatory. Mainly writing with a quick trip back to work to talk about Athena SWAN data. IMG_4010.JPGIMG_4014.JPGIMG_4011.JPG Thursday involved heading back to London and up to the University of Leicester to give the department seminar. Unlike last week at Exeter, I decided to read my talk. It doesn’t always make me feel more relaxed but does mean I cover everything I want to. I got a generous response and it was great to meet so many folks I’ve so far only met via Twitter. IMG_4015.JPG Friday has started with cold porridge. Worse than cold tea. I’m meeting dissertation students today and giving a lecture/seminar on social science methods for PGRs researching for collections-based PhDs. Tonight – Christmas baking. Yum.

Hope you’ve all had a good week.

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