My week as a lecturer – in pictures #1

20140314-071908.jpg Sunday – my week started on Sunday afternoon following a morning at The Vyne in Hampshire. A National Trust property. Went to meet-up with family who were on a coach tour there. We enjoyed the sunshine, walking around the lake and taking photos of trees. When I got home, I re-read my student essay plans and thought about the week ahead – lots of things to tick off the to do list. No writing on the cards this week. Just event-planning AND figuring out my 6 weeks in Australia!

20140314-065902.jpg Monday – I have been reliably informed that the first year of being a lecturer is the toughest. You’re preparing materials from scratch, you don’t know all the admin systems and, for me, I’m getting to know what makes geography students tick. This is compounded when you’re also trying to figure out what sort of teacher you are. Teaching my course #gv1hum Human Geography Principles and Practice has been a wonderful experience. This week I was offering collective feedback on essay plans. The question is: “Place is a center of meaning constructed through experience” (Tuan). Discuss.

20140314-065347.jpg Tuesday – I was meant to be in London this lunchtime but something had to give in the schedule. Research time has become a precious commodity this term. Re-arranged my meeting for next week. Popped out for a walk at lunchtime. Struck by how much I like the University of Reading campus. This is the library.

20140314-064831.jpg Wednesday – in my office, drawing up a set of priorities for my ESRC project on harnessing enthusiasm for citizen science. Key themes, identifying the contribution to the literature and realising I can’t do everything. I have a range of case studies but now need to be targeted in how I work with them.

20140314-064439.jpg Thursday – walking between my office and library for a meeting with colleagues in corporate relations and events. I’m hosting a citizen science and tree health workshop in May. Stopped to watch this duck on small pond under building.

20140314-070757.jpg Friday – foggy outside. Also foggy inside – think my hayfever has started and it’s only mid-March. Yesterday I collected the dissertations I am second marking, reminding me how much I love project work. This morning I’m meeting my mentor “off campus”. It’s a tiny bit crazy that meeting in our offices is too distracting. But people see you’re in the office and want to chat (guilty!). Hopefully this will focus the mind and the coffee should be good.

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