Call for Papers – Geographies of Modernism: architecture, heritage and landscape

Going to the AAG 2014? Interested in Modernism? Fascinated by its architecture, material culture and landscapes? This is the session for you. We want to bring together international perspectives on the geographies of modernism.

Conserving the Twentieth Century

Association of American Geographers’ Annual Meeting Tampa, Florida, April 8 to April 12, 2014

Recent years have witnessed an increasing popular and academic interest in architectural modernism, specifically its material cultures, associated political projects, and broader landscapes. This session aims to bring an international perspective to these debates by inviting contributors to examine the histories, politics and contemporary evaluations of the modernist project in diverse places and settings (architecture, design, interiors, town planning, institutions). Papers might consider modernism and its legacies in, for example, post-socialist spaces, The Global North and South, and wide-ranging post-colonial and post-imperial contexts.

Following on from our own work on modernist architecture in the UK, we are interested in drawing together papers that explore links to broader national and international ideologies of reconstruction, development, modernisation, and welfare, and the status of these modernisms today: how are they reappropriated, contested and valued (or not) in the twenty-first century as…

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