Tidydeskaphobia – does your desk reflect how your brain works?

See, folks, I’m not the only one thinking about desks… superb post here from my entomology tweep, @EntoProf. Here’s a link to my post on the subject: https://hilarygeoghegan.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/what-does-your-desk-say-about-you-the-geography-of-desks/

Don't Forget the Roundabouts

A bit of a light-hearted post before I go on holiday.

Twice a year, once just before Christmas and the other just before I go on my summer holiday, I develop an urge to tidy my desk.  This takes two forms, first I attempt to reduce the in-box of my email account to zero, including, if possible, my folder called AAAA-pending and second, the physical process  of attempting to put a semblance of order to my somewhat cluttered desk.


This also includes my overflow desk, theoretically my meeting table, but in reality a bit of a mess.


This is a bit of a strange compulsion because I don’t actually feel comfortable with a tidy desk and have a deep suspicion of those folk who habitually have tidy desks and as for those with empty desks, well it raises the hairs on the back of my neck just thinking about it.  I…

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