Participation in Science: Event and Fieldtrip

No RGS-IBG would be complete without Tunnock's, am I right?

No RGS-IBG would be complete without Tunnock’s, am I right?

I am very pleased to announce the programme for the ‘Participation in Science: Locating citizen science, the more-than-human and museums’ event at this year’s RGS-IBG Annual Conference in London. Very exciting stuff! If you’re interested in this one-off event, please do sign up.

Rationale: This unique event brings together researchers and organisations interested in participation in science. With the rise of citizen science, crowdsourcing, improved technologies and the Internet, this one-day event seeks to celebrate, challenge and debate the ways in which people, things and places come together in the name of participating in science.

  • Morning sessions feature original research in the area of citizen science and other projects to understand where, how and why people participate in science.
  • Lunchtime opportunity to explore the Science Museum’s collections and the exhibitions that have been developed using novel modes of participation in museums, for example with communities (booking required).
  • Afternoon sessions offer an exciting new take on participation in relation to the more-than-human, drawing attention to the agency and activities of non-human actors such as living animals and plants, technical devices, concepts and places.
  • Concluding with a lively world café, drawing together and exploring the themes emerging from this one-day event. The pace will be fast and there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion.

Hosted by the Science Museum at their Dana Centre site (famous for exploration of contemporary science issues) and sponsored by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and the Extreme Citizen Science research group at UCL, this one-day event promises to showcase the very latest in participation in science.

We look forward to welcoming you on the 30th August 2013.

Programme (subject to change)

08.30   Tea/Coffee

08.50   Introduction 

Welcome and brief introduction to the themes of the day around participation, enthusiasm, the more-than-human, museums and science

09.00   Participation in Science 1: Locating participatory science: between enthusiasm, engagement, education and crowdsourcing

09.00 Hilary Geoghegan (UCL)

Spotting risks in nature: exploring the role of enthusiasm in tree health monitoring in the UK

09.20 Emily Adams (Lancaster)

Understanding and managing honey bee health in the UK: beekeeper knowledge and engagement with science and policy

09.40 Tina Phillips (Cornell)

Bird Crop: harnessing cognitive surplus for participatory science

10.00 Amy Fowler (Lancaster)

The rhetoric and reality of citizen science: the Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) climate survey

10.20 Carol Morris and Georgina Endfield (Nottingham)

“For all the technology, you can’t beat a good pair of eyes”: automated weather stations and the reconfiguration of meteorological enthusiasm in the UK

10.40     Tea/Coffee

11.10   Participation in Science 2: Locating participatory science: between enthusiasm, engagement, education and crowdsourcing

11.10 Rick Hall (Ignite!) and Katherine Mathieson (British Science Association)

Making it real – citizen science for all

11.30 David Jeevendrampillai (UCL)

You walk this way and I’ll walk mine: what happens after a ‘participatory’ event?

11.50 Jonathan Stone (UEA)

Exploring the roles of citizen science in reducing volcanic risk: a community based monitoring case study

12.10 Vickie Curtis (Open)

Factors motivating and sustaining participation in online citizen science projects: a study of ‘Foldit’

12.30 Jennifer Shirk (Cornell)

Motivations of professional scientists: civic-minded science?

12.50    Lunch (until 14.40 – supplied by RGS-IBG)

13.15    Participation in Science: Field Class (separate booking required here)

14.40    Participation in Science 3: More-than-human participation

14.40 Jennifer Gabrys (Goldsmiths)

Ecological Observatories: Fluctuating Sites and Sensing Subjects

15.00 Michelle Bastian (Edinburgh)

More-than-Human Participatory Research

15.20 Helen Pritchard (Lancaster)

Thinking with the Animal-Hacker: Articulation in Ecologies of Earth Observation

15.40 Christian Nold (UCL)

More-than-Human Noise Politics

16.00 Dorien Zandbergen (Leiden)

The Air Quality Egg as Perpetual Prototype: Human Agency in a World Without Closure

16.20     Tea/Coffee

16.50     Participation in Science 4: World Café on Participatory Science in Museums

Session 4 will be hosted by Science Museum staff and supported by members of UCL’s Extreme Citizen Science research group (ExCiteS).

The final session of the day will be led by Science Museum staff involved in developing exhibitions informed by participation. Offering a reflection on the conference, they will put participation and science in the context of museum practice, revealing the methodologies involved, and the ways in which they interpret objects through participation. It will offer an opportunity to share expertise from within geography and the museum world.



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