Extreme Citizen Science

@DrHG conducting some fieldwork as part of monthly Wetland Bird Survey

@DrHG conducting some fieldwork as part of monthly Wetland Bird Survey

As part of my research position at UCL Geography, I am also a member of the Extreme Citizen Science research group (ExCiteS) at UCL. Mentored by Professor Muki Haklay, director of ExCiteS, I seek through my research to bring together human geography and the cultural/social aspects of GIS use – specifically citizen science, participatory mapping and volunteered geographic information. So far I’ve presented my research outline to the group, as well as attended a couple of their regular reading groups and a staff meeting. As 2013 goes on, the group will host its first ‘away days’ – enabling group members to present their research as well as think creatively about interdisciplinary responses to the central theme of ExCiteS:

bring[ing] together scholars from diverse fields to develop and contribute to the guiding theories and methodologies that will enable any community to start a Citizen Science project that will help them deal with issues that concern them. With an interdisciplinary research approach, it also aims to provide a set of tools that can be used by any user, regardless of their background and level of literacy, to collect, analyse and act on information by using agreed upon scientific methods. (taken from ExCiteS website)

This is a brief introduction to my affiliation, but I look forward to posting more about the group as our collaboration continues and my understanding of our interdisciplinary language improves. For me personally, interdisciplinary groupings are an integral way of conducting research that responds to global challenges – the more opportunities we have to share our research in this way will only make this way of working more successful but also more ExCiteS-ing*…

* Causing great enthusiasm and eagerness.

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