Geography Tweetup in Edinburgh

You get the picture – this kind of thing – although these are accountants. A very different breed.

Hello! So for those of you who aren’t on Twitter – get on Twitter – see what you’re missing.

The plan is to hold an informal tweetup for geography twitterers attending the RGS-IBG 2012 conference in Edinburgh.

A tweetup is where people who know each other virtually via Twitter actually meet in real life. Crazy, eh?

The very loose plan is: from 7pm on Wednesday 4th July at the Pear Tree House pub, West Nicholson Street, Edinburgh. Round the corner from the conference venue.

The historical geographers and others attending the walking tour will also be congregating there.

I believe this is a geography first for our little corner of the world, so let’s see what happens.

This is @DrHG, Over and Out!

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