Wetland Bird Survey: research update

Things have been moving along nicely with my Wetland Bird Survey research. I’ve conducted 9 interviews across Cornwall and look forward to my final interview in February with a counter who has heronries as part of his patch. This weekend was the January count for the Wetland Bird Survey and I spent some time at Siblyback Lake on Bodmin Moor and on the Hayle Estuary, nr St Ives. Both days were interesting in terms of weather – bitterly cold, but when bathed in sunshine – absolutely perfect! I will write more soon, but for now – please enjoy this little video of a gull on the Hayle Estuary playing with a golf ball.

2 thoughts on “Wetland Bird Survey: research update

  1. Glad to hear things are still going well with your reasearch into the WEBS project. We finally have a slight covering of snow, which I am glad to have received. I think it is natural to at least witness some snow over the course of winter and it has been pretty rare up until now. As for the gull, let us pray he/she didn’t attempt to swallow that thing, thinking it was an egg.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

    • Agreed about the snow. The gull had to leave the ball alone … I believe it was a Kestrel Falcon or Buzzard (I should know this) that scared most of the birds off mid-count. Beautiful sight of teal on the move. Visiting a heronry next weekend. Can’t wait. Keep up the good work on your blog. Hilary

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