Day 1 Fieldwork with the Wetland Bird Survey

I started my fieldwork with the Wetland Bird Survey counters last week. After a slow start following a call for participants via email, a mail out (old-school letters) worked a treat. I now have 10 counters wishing to take part in the project. I couldn’t be happier. The research involves several stages: meeting and initial interview with counter; visit to site; repeat visit if not on count day; final interview with counter to discuss the count. Whilst this may seem like a laborious task, my purpose is to create a series of, for want of a better word and Hayden Lorimer says it so nicely, ‘small stories’. Snapshots that will be of benefit to my research but also for the WeBS team. These will offer an opportunity to delve deeply into why participants count and their attachments to place over a series of meetings. There will also be a period of time spent analysing an online survey and interviewing WeBS staff in Norfolk. So my first visit was to a couple who have been counting for nearly 8 years, but birding for a whole lot longer. We had superb weather and a chance to chat over a cup of tea. The initial interview lasted just over an hour and a half, and this was followed by a tour of their ‘patch’ – a country park. We discussed motivations, technologies, landscapes and weather. All in all, it was perfect. I can’t wait to get out and meet some more of the folks doing sterling work for WeBS.

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