“regain enthusiasm for geography” – I almost shed a tear…

After several weeks of nose to the grindstone, I have finally come up for air this week and taken the opportunity to update my blog. This is a new year’s resolution and like the other one I made I really hope it lasts longer than 10 days.

WordPress.com blogs have a great feature that allows you to identify what search terms have brought people to your blog. I think I may have just read the saddest search term EVER.

It read: “regain enthusiasm for geography”.

The possibility that someone has lost their enthusiasm for my favourite subject is upsetting (equally this search term might be in reference to the slow decline of geography in schools or Michael Gove’s English Baccalaureate and the comment “Einstein wasn’t very good at geography”).

So here is something to help regain enthusiasm for geography (although on second thoughts it might just make you laugh).


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