Object Loving

A couple of years ago I hosted a workshop at the Science Museum’s small-to-medium-sized object store – Blythe House. The event brought together geographers and curators in order to examine our mutual fascination with things, in particular museum collections.

More recently, the Science Museum collections team has produced this excellent blog that pulls out some of the ‘stories from the stores’ that are often too small or too big to fit within a gallery that will remain on display for many years. It also offers the curatorial team at the Science Museum a new means of communicating with their varied audiences. I particularly like the ‘ask a curator’ feature. It is often said that we visit museums as a child, as a parent and as a grandparent. It is good to see museums becoming even more accessible at any time of life. Take a look at this site, you won’t be disappointed. Stories from the stores

Meanwhile my take on the Science Museum and curation is well on the way to being a full draft – I talk about the embodied experience of being in the museum store, the object rich space and the professional enthusiasm of the curators and conservators who work there.

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