Writing in gloves…

Hello! Well, autumn is definitely here. I am sitting in my office absolutely freezing and from the sounds of things on twitter and facebook so are my fellow geographers. Less twittering and more chattering (sorry, that was dreadful).  Things are busy on the fieldwork front and on the writing front. Fieldwork has involved Kate making more cakes for meetings and interesting discussions with Natural England and others on a possible opportunity for community engagement. This really is a fantastic development for the project, we hope to be able to test out how our approach to lay and local knowledges of climate and the ways it may change are valued on the ground by local representatives of big conservation institutions. Fascinating. Writing has involved lots of sending drafts back and forth between myself and Kate. We have plans for a special issue of Landscape Research journal which is rather promising and a paper about cattlegrids that seems to be expanding all the time. I am also plugging away at the enthusiasm stuff – my museum geography paper is available online now. Plus had a rather interesting thought about a tie-in project about birding (aka birdwatching but not just people looking out of their windows at birds). Keep warm!

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