Museums Association Annual Conference 2008 in Liverpool

LiverpoolLiverpool: The Museums Association Annual Conference 2008

  • Places and Spaces – conference theme

Museum studies, I argue, is currently experiencing a ‘spatial turn’. In recent years, museum studies researchers have become increasingly aware of the ways in which museum spaces are implicated in the display, interpretation and consumption of exhibition narratives. The sessions in Liverpool did not disappoint, covering themes as varied as the place of the museum in the production of civil pride and the changing role of architecture in museum design. Over the course of the three days, one geographer was repeatedly mentioned – ‘Doreen Massey’ and her definition of place in relation to the global city. Massey’s ideas worked particularly well in relation to the aims and objectives of the new ‘Liverpool Museum’ under construction between the Albert Dock and the Liver Building. Geographers have the potential to make a significant contribution to this ‘spatial turn’ and museum studies could benefit from a greater engagement with the geographical literature. (See MacLeod’s Reshaping Museum Space 2005)

If you would like to discuss any of these themes further, please email me or use the comments box below.

The author of this blog also featured in a short video about the Cultural Olympiad!

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