The rise of retro tech…

For those readers interested in technology, there is a radio programme for you on 8th September 2008

The Rise of Retro Tech.

Archaeologist Christine Finn examines the importance of collectors of old technology and their mission to educate and inspire. Focusing on California’s Silicon Valley, she argues for the past being important for understanding the technology of the future and considers the various generations of computers and those who collect them.

I would also draw your attention to her excellent book – Artifacts: an archaeologist’s year in Silicon Valley (2002/MIT Press). This is also an opportunity for me to plug one of my case study groups – the Computer Conservation Society. A dedicated group of engineers and programmers who take it upon themselves to rebuild, restore and preserve early British computers for future generations. See link on right.

So when is it on: 8th September 2008, BBC Radio 3, 11pm.

You can also follow this link:

PS Thanks to those of you who drew this programme to my attention.

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