Places and Spaces: the museum question

The Museums Association conference is coming up in early October. This year it is hosted by Liverpool museums – tying in with the city’s position as ‘European Capital of Culture’. A key theme for the conference is ‘Places and Spaces’. This is particularly relevant to geographers with an interest in museums. The conference will discuss themes as varied as museum architecture and display space, the museum as landmark in the city, and the ways in which the museum relates to its locality and represents its audiences/local community. This theme was devised by Suzanne MacLeod (Leicester) who has also edited a book entitled ‘Reshaping Museum Space (2005). She argues: “Museum space is now recognised as a space with a history of its own, a space active in the making of meaning and, most importantly, a space open to change” (2005:1).

Please check out this YouTube clip for more on this particular theme:

Other themes at the conference include: ‘Collections’ Life Cycles’ and ‘Democracy and Dialogue’. See also:

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