Shed of the Year!

In order to develop my research interests in the home and leisure practices, I have become particularly interested in the space of the shed. Unfortunately I do not have one of my own. In my quest to find out more about sheds…I came across this fantastic site and competition – Shed of the Year!

Check back for more on ‘shed culture’!

3 thoughts on “Shed of the Year!

  1. Thanks for setting up the blog, looks great. I’ve been really interested in Sheds for a while now too. I think there’s room for some interesting reseach alright. Thay are one of the strongest expressions of vernacular architecture, they have such variability and strange mixture of epemerality and persistence, plus they give us insight into gender and other strcuturing elements in the use of domestic space. I’d love to hear more.


  2. Hi,
    There is a huge interest in Australia in men and their sheds. There have been some popular books published on it. You will find through google I think.

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